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Massage Chairs At The Workplace With Children (Daycare)

In the age of computer technology and robotics, office employees now spend more time sitting behind that desk in front of their workstation than working something that involves manual work.

Because of this, employees suffer stiff necks, tightening muscles and joints and aching wrists that cause loss of concentration, lowering energy levels and decrease in mind’s capability to process complex situations.

To resolve the problem of workplace fatigue, quality massage chair have become the popular choice (read reviews at wellnessgeekyblog).

A very good example is the boom of the outsourcing industry such as call centers.

Eight-to-twelve hours straight shifts not only diminish one’s mental alertness but also cause physical exhaustion because of lack of muscle movements. In the long run, this may become a serious problem not only to the company but more importantly to the employees.

This phenomenon is also known as the workplace fatigue.

This is because these symptoms are usually brought about by loss in blood circulation, according to David Palmer,one of the developers of the first massage chair.

Office chairs that are not designed ergonomically usually cause the tightening of muscles and joints that impede blood and lymph movement in the body.

Health experts such as Bella are suggesting a massage chair counter where employees can step into during breaks.

This gives employees a sense of value because they are being taken care of, while employers are also ensured that their employees will work at their maximum capabilities.

The massage functions to open nerves and muscles to relieve employee of back and neck strains.

This practice will also allow a few minutes for employees to rest their eyes from a continuous work locked into the monitor screen.

This great break for employees will not only produce recharged energy levels and maximized performance – a returned investment, but also grateful and happy employees as massage also increase the level of endorphin levels.

These “feel good” chemicals allow one to feel less pain and more pleasure.… Read More...


My Topics for Back to School

Yes, until some other schools get going, you are stuck with my versions of the Back to School topics.

So, you know that means I have to visit the subject of homework.  With that in mind, if you are my son’s teacher and you manage to find this site (since one of the other first grade teachers knows where it is, I am sure you will), please do not take what I say personally.

This is not an attack on you as I know all of the teachers basically work the same schedule, the same work, the same homework, the same assignments.

I was even told that during administrative walk-thru’s that sometimes you guys will be on the exact same reading page if they move quickly enough from one of your rooms to the next.  So please understand that what I have to say is in general and not aimed at you individually.

That said, holy freakin’ cow at the homework it appears we may have.

Now, take note I said may and I am going to leave that to be determined in a month or two.  In the meantime, I was on Facebook (have I mentioned, I hate Facebook) where I encounter a message from a “friend” and the conversation just took off from there.  I am changing the names of folks to protect their identity.  Not everyone is as brave stupid as I am and speaks out about homework.  So, here goes….what do you folks think…..

Friend 1:  If school doesn’t start back so I can get some peace and quiet, I might run away!!!

Me:  yes ye indeed, sweet school

Friend 1:  (I’m not sure what the original message was here but….here was the reply) Just don’t check the backpacks..and you won’t know it’s there.

Me:  I am part of an anti-homework advocacy group and will be continuing my fight against it again this year as my first born enters first grade (as if a first grader needs homework, or a kindergarten child).

If the speaker of the book, The Case Against Homework who is also … Read More...