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Moms Wonder on How Your Trainer Got That Body

It’s not uncommon to hear, “yes, but what nutrition plan are YOU on? I want to follow that, because it obviously works”.

Trainers look good; it’s a part of the job to look fit and healthy. Most trainers get into the business because they love good health and they love exercise, making it a good fit for a career. Naturally, the public wants to look and feel the way that their personal trainers do!

Power Clean 1 Rep
Squat 1 Rep
Bench 1 Rep
Deadlift 1 Rep

It peformed by Luke – athletes in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Olympic Lifting since 2007

Most trainers are healthy eaters. Some might follow a nutrition plan while others simply eat well. There are a few things to keep in mind when asking your trainer about what they do…


Genetic predisposition – people who end up becoming personal trainers might have a genetic predisposition for a leaner body type! Don’t be fooled, not all trainers have had to diet or work very hard for their bodies!

They are human, too… even though they might generally eat well, they also have cravings! They also like chocolate, bread, fries, alcohol and other delicious foods! This means that even though they look fantastic, a cheat here and there is happening for sure, even if they don’t always admit it!

They love being fit and healthy this plans a huge role in why they look the way they do! Understand that eating well and exercising is a part of your trainers hobbies or passions! Their whole life revolves around exercise!

If you loved working out and eating well as much as they do, you might start to see some pretty quick changes happen in your lifestyle as well.

Here is what we can learn from this…

It is time to start loving your body! Treat it well and eat lots of vegetables. No matter which diet you follow, all agree that vegetables are great! Eat some fruit, as well! A moderate amount of healthy proteins make for great toned muscles and strong bones and joints.


  1. Stop eating junk food as meals! Like we mentioned above, your trainer will understand if you must cheat every now and again on a big craving. However, making those “cheat” options into meals is a big mistake. Fast foods and eating out in general will quickly cause a decline in results. It is not just about unhealthy trans-fats from deep fried foods, but also sodium levels in restaurant foods which makes it so awful.


  1. Thirsty? Drink water. Water is the fountain of youth and what makes up 98% of your body. Give it what it needs and drink water. Sodas and juices are full of sugar. Anyone with a high sugar diet (especially sugar found in beverages) will not be able to maintain a healthy, lean body. Sugary drinks cause hunger, spike blood sugar, and increase the risk of developing diabetes and obesity. CHOOSE WATER!


  1. Love working out! Life is what you make of it! Even if you’ve never liked sports, never played sports or have always hated exercise, it is time to embrace it and love it! The harder you work at the gym, the less you’ll want to eat junk, and the more you’ll appreciate your own abilities.


Find something that you enjoy; it could be running, or lifting weights; it could be a particular series of exercises that you find challenging and fun. Tell yourself it is good, and you are good. Use positivity to convince yourself that you are, actually, having fun! If you start believing it, it will come true!

You can have the body of your trainer, or something close to it, at the very least. You’ll have to carve your own path to get there, and perhaps (more than likely) work hard along the way. Don’t give up!